What We Do

We are a service based company in the engineering and technology field. We integrate many functions into one platform be it from energy/ power to surveillance, data security, remote site monitoring, haulage and delivery systems. We help develop, design, build and get certification for data centers. We also track customer consumption; based on customers shopping habits, our intelligent applications help you learn your customers shopping habits and suggest similar products that are irresistible to them from your array of products. What makes us unique is rather than giving you a ready-made solution, we will co create with you using the Machine learning and Data analytics part of our IOT.

Why Join Us?

When you join us, we will orientate you through our company culture, mission and values to help you build proper work ethic that discipline you for the length of your career. Depending on your discipline, our Human Resource (HR) expert will map out a career plan for you to take you up the professional ladder and at the top of your career in the shortest time possible. At Exxen Solutions every employee is valuable and important, when you join us you can be rest assured that your voice will be heard. We will listen to ideas from any level of staff and take them into consideration. We have an R&D department that continues to focus on acquiring and developing unborn technology. We deliver tomorrow technology in today's living. Join us and be part of the team that innovates the way Nigerians do business.

Who We Look For

We are a technology and innovation company, as such we are looking for people based in the technology field; but application from persons in other fields is welcome. We are looking for young talented people that we can recruit and train to become leaders and decision makers. Our hiring bracket is mainly people not more than 24 years of age for first degree holders. In addition, the candidate must have achieved a minimum of second class upper division degree or the equivalent in your institutions grading system. In addition, we expect prospective staff to have five credits at one sitting including English and Mathematics at the O’ Certificate level. Although we mainly hire fresh/recent graduates, applications from experienced professionals are welcome. We are looking for honest, reliable, and respectful people to hire and train into distinguished professionals

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