Exxen Solutions West Africa LTD is majorly a service based organization in the field of information technology and engineering solutions. Our company was incorporated in 2017 to offer our services to customers in the West-African sub-region with an emphasis in the Nigerian market. Although we are a relatively new company, our staff has over 15 years of on-hand experience in the information technology and engineering field.After working at several other organizations, the founders of the company were unsatisfied with the mode of operation that was trending in the current market. They were motivated by the gap in the skills and provision services to create a company that was customer service oriented and dedicated to customer satisfaction; and thus, Exxen Solutions was born.


To become one of Africa’s leading solutions companies, bringing technological innovation to change and improve the way African’s work and live.

Value System

At Exxen Solutions we pride ourselves in giving our employees the freedom and support to brainstorm innovative ideas to improve products, service and company operation. We are a value driven organization and our values inform both our long-term strategy as a firm and in the short-term in the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. We operate with a policy of honesty, an open line of communication, persistence and team work.


To partner with clients by providing exceptional project management services, quality equipment & supplies, and information technology through cost effective solutions to help out clients become high performing organizations.


We are engineers, from simple to complex engineering we are capable of it all. We can provide you with tractors, rigging equipment, roars and other kinds of engineering machinery to help you complete your project efficiently.


We will use our various IOT to bring all your machines together and help them communicate to work as one effective unit. Our systems will help you monitor the performance of all your machinery from one compact location. We will co-create an application to help you monitor your machines, be it your diesel consumption and energy usage to checking on the status of your manufacturing equipment.

Project Management

We will help you manage your project from the start till the finish; we promise not to leave your project until you derive value from your investment. Our engineers and support staff are available 24/7 for consultation.

Upcoming Event

Take the opportunity to delve into the operations of one of our partners, NetBrain, at Cisco Live 2023. For more information, visit: NetBrain.

Brand Loyalty

We are committed to customer satisfaction with the goal to keep clients coming back through flexible, innovative and ubiquitous service.

Works everywhere

We are available for consultation across the West-African sub-region and bring our services to your door step.


Services are flexible and tailor-made for each client; so, you can be rest assured that your wishes and preferences will be honored.

Always available

Our customer service department is available 24/7 for enquiries and problem resolution via phone or online chat.

Forward Driven Approach

Geared Towards Innovative Thinking

Get In Touch

Our customers always come first. We’d love to chat with you about how we can work with you on your next project or answer a question about your current project. Use the form on the right, and one of our team will be in touch with you.

Email: enquiries@exxensolutions.com
Phone: +2349070007638, +2349060007638, +2348097600002
Location: 3a Ibironke crescent; Mende, Maryland.

PMB 40038, Ikoyi Lagos.